State education chief and Republican activist spar on Twitter over private schools

March 17th, 2011

By: Jennifer Jacobs

Prolific tweeter and state education chief Jason Glass and conservative activist Nick Ryan sparred last night in a Twitter debate over public schools versus private schools.

“No kid should be trapped in poverty and poor schools,” said Ryan, 33, who is the founder of the American Future Fund, a conservative issues advocacy group.

Ryan accused Glass of having a focus that’s off kilter because he doesn’t seem to support Catholic and Christian schools.

Glass answered: “So long as school accepts ANY kid like public school I have no problem.”

Glass, 39, is the director of the Iowa Department of Education. He started in January after being hand-picked by Republican Gov. Terry Branstad.

Glass added that school choice is no silver bullet – teacher quality is the “most important variable to student growth.”

“Prove to me education is ‘broken,’” Glass responded at one point.

Ryan answered: “Go to rural Iowa where I’m from. Tell a poor parent they don’t have a choice. Not broken?”

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